Life Advice from an Intern Part V

Written by Casey

Life Advice from an Intern Part V

1. You know what’s not okay? Sweatpants. Ever. If you are really feeling shitty you can wear black leather pants. They are basically the same thing and don’t make you look like a slob.

2. Just because he favorites one of your tweets does not mean he loves you.

3. If you have to ask him to light your cigarette he does not like you. Again, smoking is really bad.

4. Being best friends with your mom is the best thing.

5. You know its time to go home when the lights are turned on at a party.

6. Taking the subway is cool even when you can afford a taxi. It will get you there in half the time. Probably. But, if you are so tired from a long day at work and it’s really late then go for the taxi.

7. Being friends with a famous person should not be your goal in life. If you are best friends with a famous person, way to go.

8. Reading Eloise should be considered reading heavy literature. It isn’t, but it should be.

9. Just because he plays you guitar does NOT mean you have to sleep with him.

10. If you think something is wrong, then it probably is.


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