Life Advice from an Intern Part III

Written by Casey

Life Advice from an Intern Part III

1. Reading Italian Vogue is better than reading British vogue. Wait you don’t even read American Vogue?!

2. If you have multiple best friends whose names are Lindsey, Emily, and Sammy, you’re in a good place.

3. When someone texts you what you are doing and you’re really eating in bed and watching TV, tell them you are sitting at your desk working on your screenplay.

4. When you are getting ready to go out at night make sure that if you end up spending the night at some guy’s house you won’t be embarrassed walking home in the same clothes. So this means wear dresses with tights and flat boots or little booties and a leather jacket or long pea coat. Day to night, or in your case, night to morning. Always keep that in mind.

5. Whenever you don’t know what to wear. Google Alexa Chung. Instant outfit inspiration.

6. Start referring to the small activities and errands you do in your daily life as meetings. Getting coffee? Meeting. Going to dinner with your mom? Meeting. Answering emails? Meeting. Writing emails? Meeting. Me writing this article? Important meeting.

7. When getting ready for a date only listen to songs that will make you feel empowered and strong.

8. Keep in mind when you go on dates it is just as important for you to like them. Stop obsessing if they will like you.

9. If you want dessert but are on a diet, drink tea. It’s kind of the same?

10. What do you think is more important, the inside or the outside?


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