Levitating Bonsai Trees

floating bonsai trees
Written by Gary

Floating bonsai trees.

Levitating bonsai trees are the future of indoor, floating garden art.

floating bonsai trees

I am always looking for interesting ways to add plant-life to my décor. My biggest problem is that I can’t seem to keep anything alive, but for something as cool as a levitating bonsai tree, I might bother to develop a green thumb. As you probably know, bonsai is the ancient art of trimming miniature trees. It’s supposed to be calming or whatever, but now, thanks to a Japanese company you can trim miniature trees that float! I repeat: levitating bonsai trees.

Called ‘Air Bonsai’, the actual product is comprised of a levitating moss ball that rotates half an inch above a Japanese porcelain base. Both components have magnets in them, which creates the awesome levitating effect.

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Air Bonsai kits will start shipping in August, so you have plenty of time to learn how to trim baby trees. The only catch is that bonsai trees are illegal to export, so the company is teaming up with bonsai retailers all over the world to provide trees to all their clients. Can you imagine that? There’s an underground bonsai dealer network that probably rivals the most intense drug cartels, except the only one getting ‘high’ in the plant itself… you know, from all the levitating.

Say what you will about indoor plant life, but a floating bonsai tree is basically the ultimate way to bring the outdoors inside.

floating bonsai trees floating bonsai trees

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