Lennon’s 1972 Chrysler Station Wagon (can be yours)

Written by Bryce

For the right price you can get naked in the backseat of Lennon’s car.

Beatlemania never quite goes away. We’ve seen all the giant iTunes billboards lately with vintage Beatles shots reminding us that like other great men in history- Napoleon, Abraham Lincoln, Mussolini, and David Hasselhoff- we will be forever dreaming of them and their awesome contributions to society. Especially John Lennon because he’s influenced us to spread love and drive station wagons.

His 1972 Chrysler wagon will be up for auction in the UK early next month with no expected price tag. If you’re a Beatles collector, this could be the pièce de résistance for your collection. John and Yoko apparently used this vehicle to drive cross country in search of a Chinese acupuncturist in San Francisco, so you can imagine that remnants of their love are still sprayed all over the back seat.

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