Legalized Jane in Jersey? Obama Supporters Want Somma Dat, too.

Written by Danielle


Hey New Yorkers, our neighboring state of New Jersey just might be making one step forward in the movement to legalize marijuana, according to an article on

Don’t get too excited, though – if The New Jersey Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act is passed, you’ll only be allowed to light up if you’re an invalid (…always with the medical use, these people). Nonetheless, we would be that much closer to realizing millions of potheads’ dreams of freedom to smoke weed whenever, wherever. The act’s sponsor, Senator Nicholas Scatori (D-Union) seems rather enthused about the idea, too:

“This is groundbreaking stuff, and I’m excited about taking the next step,” Scatori said.

Blaze much, Mr. Senator?

But since we’re discussing two of my favorite topics (politicians and pot) can I take a moment to address the fact that legalization of marijuana topped – you got it, topped – the list of questions posted to President-Elect Obama’s transition website, Questions regarding whether the American people would one day be allowed to freely smoke their ganja under Obama’s reign – medically or otherwise – made up over a quarter of the top twenty list that was ranked by more than 20,000 visitors to the site. 

I suppose we Obama supporters are a bunch of hippies, after all. 🙂

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