Latenight Healthy Snacking Leads to Emmi Yogurt Parfaits

Written by Bryce

Typically around 11:30 PM I get a craving for something small, sweet, and delish. I know this is probably my body’s way of saying “just go to sleep already!” but the truth is that I don’t get a chance to wind down and relax till about that time anyway, so I like to stay up a little longer, maybe watch a TV show or catch up on reading, and have a snack. Frankly, I’ve grown tired and bored of my typical handful of almonds, piece of fruit, or single cookie with a giant cup of herbal tea (sugarless, thank you). So, I’m switching over to mini yogurt parfaits and sharing a jazzy recipe with you!

Swiss Yogurt Parfait

4 (6 ounce) Emmi Swiss Yogurt (Try Blueberry or Strawberry for traditional flavors or Pink Grapefruit, Coffee or Apricot if you’re feeling adventurous!)
1 cup granola
6-8 strawberries, sliced
A few tablespoons of fresh blueberries
Almonds and mint sprigs for garnish (optional)

Layer granola, berries, and Swiss yogurt in 4 glass serving dishes
Garnish with almonds and mint sprig (optional)
Refrigerate until ready to serve

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