More Images From The KIMYE Vogue Spread

If you were around last Friday, you know that that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Vogue cover dropped. To say it put fashion people in a tizzy would be an understatement. While the cover read “#WorldsMostTalkedAboutCouple,” it should’ve really read “#WorldsMostTalkedAboutCover” because it blew up quicker than anything that was really news worthy.

Image: c/o Vogue

To be honest, I gave the cover a fair bit of attention for about an hour. I even texted the guy I’m dating letting him know how I felt about it but he didn’t really quite get what I was saying. I wasn’t really quite about the images that Annie Leibovitz took because of who she was taking pictures of. The photography is beautiful, per usual. Take a look at a few of the other images from the campaign.


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