Kids On Motorcycles: it’s a thing

Written by Bryce
Yes, kids on motorcycles are a thing — and not just in third world countries.

I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m no stranger to a motorcycle from time to time, and even ride on my husband’s Vespa at least a few times a week. The idea of kids on motorcycles, though? That’s just not for me.


According to motorcyclecruiser.com, “Motorcycling with kids can be done safely, if you understand the risks and take the proper precautions. Taking a child for a motorcycle ride can be a scary proposition, but if you have children, the question will arise, probably sooner than you think.”

Will it, though? Is this somewhere in between “should we try solid foods?” and “I wonder what kindergarten is closest and best rated?”

After some careful research I found out that several states (including New York), actually have ZERO age restrictions on motorcycle passengers. Essentially, if the driver is of legal age and licensed, he or she is welcome to bring just about anyone on board. I’m just as shocked as you are, frankly, because you’d think New York would have passed some kind of baby seat law or something for the few randoms trying to get their toddlers to day care via Harley.

In the meantime, more careful research came up with this insanity: a soccer mom on a snowmobile with her young kiddo in a harness that apparently is MEANT to double as a harness for kids on motorcycles who choose to be strapped directly to their parents or guardians. Enjoy.


According to the eBay listing, this nifty harness for kids on motorcycles features:

“5 point security to keep the child on the machine so that you can drive with both hands
Keeps child securely attached to the driver
Smaller children fit in front of driver, Larger kids fit in back of driver
Allows you to adjust to desired tension to hold child in place
Fits adults from petite to XXXL
WARNING: This product is not intended to protect you or your passenger in the case of an accident. This products should not be used as a carrying device”

While I’m not any level of scientist, I do consider myself mostly literate, and that last line about not being used as a carrying device is extra concerning. You know, because the image shows the mom literally carrying her kid in it. Also, um, helmets?

If you have deep feels or experience, please weigh in below in the comments section.

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