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Kick Ass With Capoeria

Written by Corinne

Want to look like this?


Then do what Charlize did – Capoeria. You are probably thinking – what the HELL is that?!

capoeiraCapoeria is a form of martial arts that originated from African slaves while they were in Brazil, as a form of rebellion. No, you do not have to go to Brazil or rebel (but you can if really want to) because there is a New York Capoeria Center in NYC! Lifebooker Loot offers a spectacular deal for $10 where you can take AS MANY Capoeria classes as you want for one whole week. Did I mention that this martial art builds strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, rhythm, speed, endurance, awareness, and control? Now that is a lot worth gaining for just $10.

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Corinne is an outgoing and spontaneous Bostonian currently living in New York studying Public Relations. She enjoys traveling, fabulous nights out on the town, and loud laughs. She has a weakness for stilettos, anything leopard print, and greyhounds. Her two essentials before leaving her apartment include Diorshow mascara and Escada’s Moon Sparkle perfume.

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