Karl Lagerfeld Is Making A Transition Into Plastic

Written by corey

Uncle Karl is finally being immortalized and becoming a barbie. 

There are days where fashion news really surprises me. Then there are things that come out and I don’t even blink twice. For example, it’s been announced that Karl Lagerfeld will be made into a barbie.

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The new barbie will of course be decked out in the signature Karl Lagerfeld look. It will include the smallest leather gloves you have ever seen, the black ankle boots and the necktie. Mattel is making sure to stay true to the rock & roll design aesthetics that influenced Karl’s style throughout the years. Barbie isn’t new to fashion either. Need I remind you that she had her own runway show during the fall 2009 shows? Yeah. She did.

No word on a release date yet but when we find out, we’ll let you know.



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