John Newman Is Our New Music Obsession

Written by corey

While I’ve finally came off my Beyonce’s album release high, I feel like I’ve just taken a hit of something completely new. I took a big ol’ huff of John Newman. Newman is only 23 years old and has a voice that will send chills through your bones. John hails from the UK and he has this accent that just makes you want to hear more and more. I’m really thirsty right now, and he’s quenching it.

There’s some really cool things about Newman. First, he designs his own clothes and jewelry. He has this type of uniform dressing that involves a lot of black (I love all black) and some really awesome pieces. Not to mention, he has the coolest hair — it’s kind of skunk themed. But the only thing that matters is that this guy has a voice on him. It may be a bit too soon, but he could be the new male Amy Winehouse.

I first head the boy perform when I was hungover in bed on the Today show and my ears immediately peaked up. My personal favorite tracks are his #1 UK hit “Love Me Again” and “Cheating.” This voice. You need to hear it. He’s also just really, really adorable!



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