Jay-Z and Marina Abramović: Art & Music Come Together

Written by Casey

The renowned performance artist Marina Abramović danced with Jay-Z at a New York art gallery this week as part of the rapper’s latest video shoot

You all remember the incredible performance artist, Marina Abromović. Who, for a 736-hour and 30-minute static, silent period sat immobile in the MOMA’s atrium while spectators were invited to take turns sitting opposite her.

As a part of Jay-Z‘s latest music video, the renowned artist danced with the Jigga Man in a NYC art gallery. It is the latest in a series of crossovers between art and pop that at first glance seem unlikely. It makes us question the impression of how large of an icon Jay-Z is. When Jay-Z was placed number one on The 2013 Time 100most influential people, below Obama, and many international president’s senators, and governors, a lot of people were upset as they questioned his contribution to the world other than bringing some music to our culture. It seems that  Marina Abromović, if anything, reinforced the rapper/prodcuer’s importance in her decision to be involved in the Picasso Baby music video.

What are your thoughts. Is Jay-Z really worth it, or are we hyping up his importance too much?

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