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It’s a My Size Hamster Wheel!

Written by Maura


You, wacky Germans, you! Coming out of the University of Karlsruhe is this funky experimental house.


It is a cylindrical design, and at this stage is merely a prototype. The house is split into 3 main areas, a bedroom of sorts, an exercise section, and a kitchen complete with sink. Oh, and by exercise I mean running hamster wheel style, seriously. Say this catches on, I would fear for my life while asleep, for fear of some bratty little kid next door moving the stopper from in front of the house and leaving you to wake by rolling down a hill.


I’m pretty sure this is what happens when intellectuals specializing in engineering and architecture have too much time on their hands. But whether or not its anywhere near practical its still pretty cool!


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a born and raised Brooklyn girl who has adopted a bit of the Southern girl charm from spending the last 3 years as a college student in Mobile, Alabama. While away from home she misses the fast paced lifestyle and could kill for a real slice of pizza. She is obsessed with shoes, sushi, her Paul Mitchell straightening iron, and lusting after her David Yurman favorite ring of the week.

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