Israeli Dick is a Kosher Delight, Here’s Why

israeli dick
Written by Gary

Get chai on Israeli dick

Your quest for the best dick has led you to Jamaican dick, Moroccan dick, and even Chinese dick — but now your dick quest can end in the Holy Land, because we’re sharing everything you need to know about Israeli dick.

10 reasons Israeli dick is the best

Israeli dick is circumcised. Generally speaking, about 80% of Israel’s population is Jewish, meaning almost all the men in Israel are sure to be circumcised.  According to this reddit thread, circumcision comes with a lot of benefits, including overall health and a lower risk of disease.

Everything tastes better in Israel. Have we mentioned the many health benefits of falafel yet? No? Well, there are a lot, and the food in Israel is generally delicious. That means Israeli dick is bound to be tasty, too.

Balls, balls, balls.

It knows how to work hard. Men and women in Israel face mandatory army service at age 18, which means all Israeli dick is up for a challenge. Need that dick to run a marathon to please you? No worries, it trained for this.

IDF. Most people think IDF stands for Israel Defense Forces, when in reality is stands for Israeli Dick Fun. So much fun. The most fun.

Hummus. These guys really know their way around a bowl of hummus, which is great, because hummus is loaded with goodness. In fact, there’s a whole Instagram account dedicated to hot Israeli guys eating hummus. It’s everything.

israeli dick


Israelis are unlikely to have AIDS. In a world where safe sex is paramount, it’s great to know that Israel has one of the world’s lowest rates of AIDS. L’chaim!

So many colors to choose from. When you speak about the dick of other nations, it’s not uncommon to have a relatively narrow color range. Israel is home to everything from monster white dick to the deepest, darkest brown tones and every shade in between. It’s a melting pot of hot dickery.

It takes what it wants. Israeli men aren’t shy, so if you’re pining for some Jewish dick and an Israeli man is nearby, chances are you’re going to get your fix.

It’s a loyal dick. Israeli men are loyal partners and friends, so if you’ve bagged yourself some prize-winning Jewish dick, know that he’s going to call his mom regularly, show up for dinner, and stay loyal to you.

big dick energy

It’s an open-minded dick. Israel is home to the only gay pride celebrations in the Middle East, the broadest range of religious tolerance in the region, and freedom of expression. You’ll get your dick fix in a variety of styles and fashions, and that’s okay.

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