Is Tequila Kosher for Passover? Patrón Silver Is.

is tequila kosher for passover
Written by Bryce

Is tequila kosher for Passover? Not all, but this one is.

Passover is just around the corner, and if you’re trying to fathom exactly how you’re going to survive all that family time without your favorite coping mechanism, cookies, the answer is more exciting than you ever could’ve imagined. Patrón Silver tequila is officially kosher for Passover, and we couldn’t be more excited (especially because there are a bunch of health benefits of tequila that make a sip or two worthwhile).

is tequila kosher for passover

It’s not always easy being “chosen” and the Jewish girls have had a rough go of it lately — it turns out microblading isn’t kosher at all, Lena Dunham is constantly saying inappropriate things on behalf of all of us, and we know we’re set to go carb-free against our will next week. As first reported by our friends at Nosher, there’s good news for the Jews coming your way — because all Patrón Silver and Roca Patrón Silver tequila is certified kosher for Passover now. They want you to note that some bottles currently on store shelves may nore yet display the K-for-P symbol just yet, but don’t worry.

But our investigative tequila reporting obviously doesn’t stop at just accepting the good beverage word. In the fine name of journalism we pulled the kashrut certificate, because if you’re googling “is tequila kosher for Passover?” you should get the realest answer of all time. You should feel as confident as Moses parting the Red Sea.


is tequila kosher for passover

Is that a margarita in your Pesach hand?


Rabbi Chaim Cohn says l’chaim to you and yours as you exit your own personal Egypts this year, obviously. Better yet, you can buy it online with your Hebrew name engraved on the bottle.

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