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Is it ever acceptable for a man to comment on a woman’s weight?

Written by Bryce

Someone made an unnecessary comment on my weight today that got me thinking, is it ever okay for a man to comment on a woman’s weight? Women kind of get used to it from puberty onward (and often before). You know, we even do it to each other- to people we love endlessly. How often have we either said or heard, “wow, you look great… did you lose weight?” Too often, really, because it’s probably just not even our business.

My 4 year old son had a little birthday celebration at his school with his friends and teachers. My ex (his dad), as well as my husband and our 2 month old daughter and the babysitter all came to join in the fun and the singing. I think the whole situation made my ex feel uncomfortable (and maybe jealous), because he left the party early and made sure he dropped a lovely comment on the way out in front of the teachers and kids. As he left the classroom he grabbed my stomach and casually said, “pregnant again, Bryce?” No, old man, I’m not pregnant again. I have a 10 week old baby and 9 pounds left till I reach pre-baby weight. But for all he knows, maybe I am pregnant again? Or maybe I have a digestive issue? Or maybe my husband prefers a little more junk in my trunk? Or heck, maybe I LIKE THE WAY I LOOK? Who knows… but the point is, it’s not his place to make a comment (or touch me). So I took to Facebook tonight to ask my friends if it’s ever acceptable.

So what’s your take? Is it acceptable only in the face of medical risk? Or do you think it’s okay for a partner to say “hey, I love you, but I’d love you more in a size 2?” Where do we draw the line on this?



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