Iran Asks London for Olympic Redesign, London Says “F*ck Off”

Written by Bryce

I can’t help but be unsurprised.

“The International Olympic Committee president, Jacques Rogge, has dismissed demands by Iran that the London 2012 Games logo should be changed.”

As per Iran’s usual, there’s some drama between the Iranians and the rest of us folks. This time the Iranians are threatening to boycott the 2012 Olympics, but all I can think is who cares? Turkey is usually nice enough to show up with kebab, so I don’t think we’ll be missing much other than nuclear weapons, Persian cats, and maybe better quality rugs.

The Iranian national Olympic committee claims the logo spells out the word ‘Zion’ and has complained to the IOC it is “racist”.
The country has threatened to boycott the Games unless the logo is changed.
Rogge said: “The IOC’s response is quite clear. The logo of London means the London 2012 Olympics, nothing less and nothing more.”
The London logo, launched in 2007, shows the numbers 2012 in four jagged figures. Zion is a term that refers to the city of Jerusalem and Iran does not recognise Israel.


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  • Most modern Brit design is lack luster and meh and this logo is no exception. But the fact it pisses of Iran makes me want to plaster it all over the sharia run parts of the UK and the most of the middle east.

    And Mr. Iranian Neanderthal it looks more like ZOIN then ZION– learn to spell.

  • The logo actually spells out “Zorz” which loosely translates to “We don’t want you there, anyway”.

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