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Instant Beauty: Just Add Cranberries

Written by Ashley

Screw Diamonds: Cranberries are a Girl’s Best Friend.

When you’re not swigging a cranberry and vodka at your local watering hole, are you appreciating all of the goodness that cranberries have to offer? Drinking some each day will help plenty of lady issues – and even the use of cranberry beauty products will keep skin smooth.  Here are a few of our fav cranberry tricks & tips for you to embrace – give it a shot!

Lip Service: Your teeth will repel forms of bacteria & plaque just by snacking on cranberries. According to Dr. Lisa Lasky, Proanthocyanidins, better known as PAC’s found in cranberries, will help to prevent the formation of plaque. Keep pearly whites looking clean and feeling fresh by using a toothpaste with cranberry extract. .  Highlight your smile with a cranberry colored lip gloss in a cool cranberry color. (cool blue-ish hues brighten a white smile, and are flattering on every skintone!)

Burt’s Bees Natural Toothpaste – Whitening with Fluoride [$5 in drugstores nationwide and]     Stila Cranberry Lip Glaze [$22 at]

Drink it In: Cranberry juice & fresh cranberries are attributed to helping prevention and treatment of such health concerns as heart disease, urinary tract infections, ulcers and more.  Mix fresh berries in to a glass of champagne for a beautiful boozy treat, add dried berries in to your morning smoothie or lunch time salad, or ask for cranberry juice for a tart twist on the norm in your smoothie! The possibilities are endless, and delicious beyond belief.

Scrub a Dub Dub: Cranberries have been popping themselves into tons of beauty prods, known for their being a natural astringent with an enjoyable potent scent and exfoliating seeds.  Pick up  a body scrub like this one from Lather, and an astringent toner from Burt’s Bees for a smooth finish to a shower that will be sure to wake you up on a sluggish morning!  **Travel Tip: Cranberries are native to New England! If you’re in Boston – check out the Spa at Equinox Boston Back Bay or Franklin St for their exclusive Lather Cranberry Scrub Spa Treatment! Call location to schedule – available nationwide

Lather Cranberry Scrub [ $19 at]

Recessionista Real Beauty: Make an at-home mask to whisk away oil & dead skin while moisturizing & exfoliating.

Mix 3/4 cup fresh cranberries & 3/4 cup of red grapes in blender to puree. Squeeze 1/2 large lemon (Tip: Roll whole lemon, with pressure, on counter to break up pulp & fortify juice before cutting) into mix and fold in 1 tbsp of instant oatmeal in to make a paste. Add additional oatmeal in even increments to make the paste thick enough to apply. Cover and stick in the fridge for 30-40 minutes until mask thickens, and apply cool mixture on face! Leave this sweet mask on for 10 minutes and splash with warm water to scrub. Rinse and use astringent to remove any residue. Voilà!

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