Turn Your Instagrams Into Nail Art

Written by corey

I really can’t with some of the things people come up with. Nail art is literally everywhere- even Instagram. If this doesn’t satiate your beauty palette, how about we try some eyelid art?


A new company calledĀ NailSnapsĀ has garnered quite a bit of media attention as of late. The company is still being crowdfunded on KickStarter (because nothing is as chic as nail art being funding by panhandling) and still needs to raise about $30,000 to hit their goal. Here’s how NailSnaps is supposed to work though:

  1. Using their free NailSnaps App, you’re able to design exactly how you want your nails to look using one of your images.
  2. The high-quality printed nail stickers should arrive at your door from their LA based factory.
  3. Peel off the stickers and put them on your nails and you’re good to go

Now this sounds super cute! I’m sure there would be some really awesome creations out there for people to rock but this could also be a disaster waiting to happen. As you know, some people just don’t have any home training and they would most likely turn this into something foul. Whatever. Learn more, here.


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