Inside Bunyadi, London’s Only Naked Restaurant

naked restaurant london
Written by Gary

A naked restaurant in London.

A naked restaurant is coming to London and people are clamoring to get in (without their clothes).

naked restaurant london

Most people don’t really like to associate food with nudity because most people find nudity disgusting (that’s what they say publicly, anyway). If you really think about it though, our clothes shield our bodies from all the disgusting things in the world, and capture and store all those disgusting things. None of your feelings matter though, because London is opening it’s first naked restaurant called ‘Bunyadi’ and the reviews are already pouring in.

The ‘all natural’ experience of naked eating isn’t a completely new concept, but Bunyadi takes it one step further. The restaurant operates entirely without electricity or gas, serves food on handmade clay plates with edible forks and knives, and asks diners to remove their cell phones, and clothes, if they so choose.

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There is a nude section, and a clothed section, and guests are given ‘robes’ in case they aren’t sure about completely dropping trow.

This may seem like a strange concept, but the restaurant already has a wait list of 45,000 people, so apparently nude, all natural dining is something people crave.

Bunyadi opened to the public on June 11, so if you feel like walking on the wild side, get to London immediately.

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