Insane Celeb Transformations

Written by Maura

you’ll have to see to believe!

Many celebs have mastered the art of re-invention and transformation, but the latest changes in the entertainment world are more shocking than most.

First off we have 50 Cent, usual buff bad boy rapper ain’t so buff anymore. In preparation for a role as a cancer stricken football player in Things Fall Apart, 50 has lost so much weight he is barely recognizable. In a span of nine weeks 50 has gone from 214-160 (according to ThisIs50.com) thanks to a liquid diet and 3 hours working out per day. Not only that but reports have been made that he is in the process of removing his tattoos in order to persue his acting career further. I mean, I’m all for sacrficing to make the film more realistic but this is a bit extreme, don’t you think?







Next up, Willie Nelson. I know..he’s not exactly a frequent topic on TheLuxurySpot, but in my opinion he should be. He’s a total badass, the ideal “I do what I want” attitude..hmm..maybe I’m finding more than one correlation between Willie Nelson and 50 Cent, who would’ve thought? Anywho, the legendary country music star has been known for his affinity for a good joint and his long braids. Not anymore! No silly kids, he didn’t quit smoking weed, he just cut his hair!






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