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15 Ways to Increase White Blood Cells

Written by andy

Help your body defend itself from invaders with these ways to increase white blood cells naturally.

Your white blood cells have the difficult job of attacking all invading particles in order to protect your body. When your body senses that there are bacteria, germs, pathogens, or harmful food particles in your system, the white blood cells are sent to surround the harmful particle, absorb it, and then slowly break it down for elimination.

Keeping your white blood cell count high is important, so here are a few things you can do to increase white blood cells in your body:

  1. Take folic acid –– Folic acid is necessary for the production of white blood cells, so a lack of this important B vitamin can lead to low white blood cell count. If you want to increase white blood cells, eat more foods that contain folic acid or take a folic acid supplement.
  2. Try zinc — Zinc is great for fighting colds, as it helps to produce more white blood cells and deal with infections. Zinc-rich foods include lamb, beef, oysters, spinach, and wheat germ, and you may want to consider taking a zinc supplement as well.
  3. Eat garlic — While it may make your breath bad, it will keep your body healthy. A 2002 study found that feeding garlic to rats increased their white blood cell count drastically, and garlic also stimulates the production of other immune cells.
  4. Supplement with selenium –– Selenium is able to prevent infections, as it increases white blood cell count effectively. Mixing zinc with selenium supplements can help to boost your immune system and fight infections.
  5. Eat yoghurt –– Who doesn’t love a bowl of yoghurt? Even your white blood cells are fed by yoghurt, particularly the kind with probiotics. Those taking probiotics have a much higher white blood cell count than those who do not.
  6. Drink green tea –– Green tea is a great source of antioxidants, which can help to detoxify your body, reduce toxins, and boost your immune system.
  7. Try fasting for two or three days –– A recent study discovered that fasting for two or three days can actually reboot your immune system. By fasting for 48 to 72 hours, you force your body to create brand new white blood cells and kick your immune system into high gear.

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  1. Eat Omega-3 foods — Walnuts, salmon, and sardines are just three of the foods to eat to give your body more Omega-3s, which will boost your body’s production of the white blood cells that eliminate bacteria.
  2. Avoid fatty and sugary foods — Foods that contain a lot of sugar and polyunsaturated fats can stop your body from producing new white blood cells, so it’s best to avoid these foods.
  3. Drink more water — Drinking more water will give your immune system a boost, ensuring that it can produce more white blood cells on its own. It will also aid in flushing toxins and pollutants from your body!
  4. Fight stress –– Make it a point to relax, and you’ll find that fighting stress can give your body the immune boost it needs. Stress causes your body to produce cortisol, which suppresses your natural immunity.
  5. Eat more protein –– Protein is needed for your body to protect itself from all manner of threats, so it’s a good idea to eat more protein to keep your white blood cell count high.
  6. Try Echinacea –– Echinacea contains echinacoside, a natural immune-boosting compound that will help to increase your white blood cell count.
  7. Try Astralagus ––  Astralagus is yet another white blood cell boosting supplement that you should take.
  8. Exercise daily — Exercise helps your body to produce more healthy blood cells, including the white blood cells that protect your body. It’s one of the best immunity-boosters around!

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