In Defense of Hilary Duff’s Singing

Written by corey

Hilary Duff released a new single and I’ve got some choice words about it.

You should know something about me, I’m a huge Hilary Duff Stan. There’s something about an actress/singer that is too nervous to sing, does a duet with herself and then saves herself in a movie that just gets me going.

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Need I remind that Hilary sang hit songs like Come Clean, So Yesterday and With Love? Need I also remind you that Duff stared in quite a few movies that showcased her singing talent? Now Hil is all grown up with a family and serious designer duds.

Hilary just dropped her new single Chasing The Sun and it’s really speaking to me. Why? Because Hilary still has that innocent voice that soothes me. She’s singing about the life we all live. We’re all in such a hurry and the only thing we need to do is chase the sun. It’s short. It’s sweet. It’s to the point. It’s Hilary Duff. Hilary also Stans for her gay fans and basically every fan she has. Why? Because she’s Lizzie McGuire and she knows what is right and what is wrong.

While the new song may not be jam of summer (that phrase is so overplayed), it’s the perfect mid-summer jingle that reminds us what we’re supposed to be doing. Instead of sitting in an office with a fan on your desk, sweating out your troubles. We should take a day off and dance on the beach and make s’mores.

I Stan for Hilary Duff today. I stan for Hilary Duff tomorrow and every day after.


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