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Written by Ashley

So, along with 99% of the people in the wintery world, I’m sick.  Sniffling and sneezing and earaches and sore throats and fevers and such…it’s non-fun.  I’m either BLAZING hot, or super chilly, neither of which are fun to be. So I’m on a quest to get healthy, while keeping myself looking somewhat approachable and less like the crazy red-nosed woman with the wild hair and depressed looking bedroom from the cold medicine commercials.

While I’m sick, my beauty regime becomes minimal, if not non-existent.  I’m in the shower and all I wanna do is lay down- so the less time I have to spend standing up, the better. Products that have are multi-faceted, and help to fix multiple skin problems are right up my puffy-faced alley.


CTRL Three-Step System--Free!!          ( just pay $6.95 for shipping)

CTRL fights acne and prevent new breakouts.  The three piece system comes in two formulas; one for women and one for men, which takes into account the drastic differences in our skin types. Targeted skincare! That helps me know i’m not wasting my time. It’s effective and gentle formula takes advantage of nature’s best moisturizing ingredients without the use of harsh irritating chemicals. I’m a huge fan of the moisturizer, which helps double team my face with medication for any trouble spots have, while re-plenishing my sickly skin with moisture.  The whole three piece system including cleanser, moisturizer and spot treatment is fab. And for a limited time at you can now get this system for free!  Check it out here

For my bod, why not help my skin out with a little Vitamin C!  I’ve been loving this stuff:

June Jacobs Lemon Sugar Body Polish $48

June Jacobs Lemon Sugar Body Polish $48

This stuff not only smells delicious AND clears my sinuses with it’s Lemon/Lime refreshing scent, but it multi-tasks like not other product has multi-tasked before!  First, it cleans my skin, helping to renew.  Then the sugar granules (yes, real sugar) slough off any dead skin while being loaded with alpha-hydroxy acid. AND IT MOISTURIZES, with the following amazing essential oils: lemon oil which is an anitseptic and astringent which helps to rejuvenate the skin, avocado oil including essential fatty acids, and emmolient sesame and macadamia nut oils. This takes care of cleaning, exfoliating and moisturizing!  So I can turn off the shower immediately after rinsing, and collapse into my bed, towel on, no problemo.  June Jacobs also carries a Fresh Squeezed Lemon Cleanser ($44) and a Refreshing Mandarin Moisture Masque ($52) that helped my face become not so flushed with fever, and not so dry from sickness!
Now that I’ve taken care of getting my face and body back in order…it’s time to get my immune system back in action.  I’ve been taking vitamins, drinking lots of water and juices, all i ever wanna eat is mangoes? But now there are some other foods that have been easy to eat while I have a sore throat…and packed with nutrients.
Chobani Nonfat 6oz. Greek Yogurt $1.59

Chobani Nonfat 6oz. Greek Yogurt $1.59

Bryce has been preaching the word of Chobani greek yogurt for months now, all day, every day, I was beginning to think she had Chobani for brains, but it was only last week that I had my  first greek yogurt experience, and certainly not my last. Now I know why she was so pumped up about it! Packed with protein ( the 6oz. Nonfat Plain has 18 g of protein!) each container is fat-free and delicious. Cool enough to help me fight off whatever feverish temperature I’m fighting that moment.  A smooth consistency and bits of fruit helped my throat feel at ease, and will be perfect with granola or as a dip for fruit for a wee little nourishing snack.
Another nourishing food which has gotten me through the snotty times, are these delicious packages of joy from Stretch Island Fruit Co.
Stretch Island Fruit Leathers $11.52 for 30
Stretch Island Fruit Leathers $11.52 for 30
Click here to learn about their 10 original flavors.  My favorite is Strawberry Pomegranate Sunshine, cause it’s a nice cheery name and tastes fricking delicious.  Just one of these bars gets you healthed up with 20mg of Potassium, only 45 Calories, Sugars only from the 1/2 serving of fruit provided in each, and NOTHING artificial. And for only $11.52 for 30– You can afford to stock up, putting them into your bag for a little snack on-the-go, and getting your children, friends and family all hooked, and health-ified with these.

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