I’m In An Alcoholic Zen

Written by Ashley

Our yoga event made me feel so centered, and I’ve been feeling like I need to keep this whole healthy living thing going.  Right down to my Casually Drunk Friday drink/snack choice.  Green Tea is the way to go for me.

What to drink? I like to call it the SoCoDeTea:

1 part Southern Comfort to 2-3 ( depending on how wild you wanna get) Duane Reade’s new deLISH Puritea Diversitea New York Cietea Green Tea.   This is as refreshing as it is tangy, and I’m all about getting my ECCG’s and heart healthy antioxidants while my BAC rises.


Photo/Slice Of Lime Credit: Bryce Gruber

What to snack on? Vegan Dark Chocolate Truffles from nicobella.   I”m partial to the Ginger Green Tea one ( ginger? could be good for a hangover too!), but they come in a variety of flavors. Blueberry Almond, Pumpkin Chai, Pure Cocoa Bliss, Walnut Flaxseed Crunch & Sunflower Banana Butter to name a few!  So beautifully garnished, and just the right balance of tarte to sweet. I’m hooked!  My heart is feeling healthier already. Check them out here

nicobella  Ginger Green Tea Vegan Dark Chocolate Truffle

nicobella Ginger Green Tea Vegan Dark Chocolate Truffle

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