If Your Single & Stupid, Shop at Wet Seal

Written by Bryce

A friend passed this link on to me and I basically almost choked on my herbal tea. I mean, I’m really not sure if the corporate end at Wet Seal really just let this one fly because they believe it to be grammatically correct, or if they think it’s witty and cute. Let’s be super clear on two things here:

  • America is stupid enough and most certainly does NOT need Wet Seal’s help by making teenage girls stupider.
  • I suppose shopping at Wet Seal is a little ego boost for the few customers that might actually notice this error anyway… like a happy little “You are smarter than everyone else in this store.”

You can buy this shirt here on the wetseal website, which I will not be posting the link to in an attempt to keep American women away from this filth. It is my civic duty. Meanwhile, feel free to vajazzle.

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