I Need a Friend with Benjamins Now and Again…

Written by Jason

WEEDS: A knife-fight in a salmon smokehouse? I want to hear that story.

Weeds Season 5: Episode 2. I can’t help myself, need to share my thoughts.

While packing up the house in Ren Mar, Nancy neglected to pull out the cash stashed behind the jukebox. They even had a shot of the jukebox in the background at one point… and it was in the last or second to last episode of the last season that she made out a new will with her lawyer, Dean. Not that such oversights are really that important, but if you’ve recently rewatched the entire series, you notice little things like that.

Like in Six Feet Under… do you remember the faux-commercials during the first season? They just disappeared once Nate had his little trauma (ie. season 2 began). Perhaps they were bad flashbacks, and his first brain aneurysm (or whatever it was) fixed them. But that’s neither here nor there.

Back to the matter at hand: I can only imagine that Doug is going to return in this episode. You remember Doug (played by Kevin Nealon), the stoner CPA who, like a bad case of herpes, shows up all to often to ruin the Botwins’ day? Here, to refresh your memory, is a moment from season 3, where Doug wrecks vengeance on Sullivan Groff (the always smarmy Matthew Modine) for Doug’s own short-sightedness. See, Doug only asked for a golf membership as a bribe for agreeing to allow the community of Majestic to swallow up Agrestic; but when he found out that Celia got a whole house as her bribe, he goes berserk.

Now, what will tonight bring?

Unsurprisingly, the close of the pre-show review focuses on those crazy-eyes of Shane’s, staring back at Nancy in the rear-view mirror.

Are those Zapps potato chips that have the Weeds symbol?

Nancy denies that her son might have been the immediate cause of death. Perhaps she just drowned, and the blood was someone else’s?

Lupita’s gone! And where’s the baby? Oh, there’s the baby. I guess she handed over a bit of cash before they dropped her off.

Nice vampire bites, Jasmine. You wonder who Warrior Griffin is? How long until that URL is taken?

“No more sugar for you!”

A knife-fight in a salmon smokehouse? I want to hear that story.

Nancy makes yet another compromise: really, she needs to condemn her son’s actions in their entirety. That would be the moral choice. But she wanted Pilar dead herself; she made a deal with Guillermo to do it, in fact. This is the sort of situation that could only really be resolved by Nancy taking the rap herself, but she’s nowhere near selfless enough to do that. However, I could imagine her doing it out of narcissism, but not until something more has happened. Either way, she can’t save Shane from himself–from herself, really–until she is willing to embrace the consequences of her actions.

How much do you think they got for that mass recitation of the in-car ad?

Is that the cutest baby in existence?

Being a former coyote certainly comes in handy when you need to talk with illegal labor. Do you think he introduced himself as El Andy? Had his reputation carried this far?

Summary: I think my frustration is that the story has become so deep and complex that 25 minutes doesn’t feel right anymore, like the story just starts to get going, and then they roll credits. I suppose it would be too much to ask to get them to shift to an hour-long format. One can hope, right?

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