I Have a Midget Impersonator..I Have Arrived.

Written by Maura

You know you’ve reached a certain level of fame when you’ve got your own midget impersonator. You also know that you’ve reached a new career low when your midget impersonator stops impersonating you because no one wants to see it anymore. In that case, congrats Lady GaGa and sorry Britney. Yes, thats right Britney Spears’ midget impersonator has made the switch to rockin’ the Lady GaGa look. For a long time now Mini-Britney, Terra Jole, has been impersonating Brit as a Vegas performer and now has decided to work her way over to a different, more popular blonde.

Photo courtesy of perezhilton.com

Terra Jole as Lady GaGa Photo courtesy of perezhilton.com

For me, since my life is outrageous, this isn’t the first I’ve seen of Lady GaGa copycats in my life. A good friend of mine from high school has recently taken up the Lady GaGa look and wears it out to bars and such..complete with the long blonde wig, dark sunglasses, and black body suit. Although Ashley just does it for fun, the Mini-Lady GaGa does charge and gets some decently big bucks for her act. Could this perhaps be a new career path, Ashley?

Ashley/ Lady GaGa

Ashley/ Lady GaGa

Who’s next to have a midget impersonator..I think there is already a Michael Jackson impersonator, and a Mini Kiss..hmm..I know, how about a Matt impersonator? Now that Matt’s band is on MTV, we’ve got to get a Mini-Liam and Me! I just know that if I ever got into the entertainment business, that would be the moment that I know I have arrived.

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