I’m Clear-ly Obsessed with this Shampoo Line

Written by Bryce

It’s no secret that my hair is my everything: it’s my best accessory, my security blanket, and my way of distracting the world from the bags under my eyes and torn denim I’m wearing for the second day in a row. The thing is, most people don’t realize that growing good hair is actually a combination of several factors that only ENDS as strands of hair. In other words, if you’re not eating right and taking good care of your scalp— how do you expect the hair that grows to be as fabulous as your heart desires? This is exactly why Clear Hair is obsession2.0— the whole emphasis of the line is to nourish your scalp, helping build hair resilience from the ground up, so to speak.

The Intense Hydration collection is what’s hanging around my shower now (totally important for the Summer to Fall transition months), and scalps can lose up to an ounce a day of essential moisture so using a hydrating shampoo and conditioner is basically your A game for growing awesome locks. In strange-but-honest news, the line smells totally delish and I sort of wish the Clear people would just package that scent so I could spritz myself with it endlessly.

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The Deep Hydrating Treatment Mask is my once-a-week miracle plan (I only wash twice a week, so it’s my every other shampoo treatment) because it’s infused with cactus extract (um, hello, cactus plants hold moisture like no other) and Nutrium 10, which is a blend of vitamins, nutrients, and botanicals.

And most importantly, my hair ends up looking fab and standing up to all the crazy stuff I do to it.

Clear Hair products range from $4.99-5.99 and are sold here.

This post was sponsored but I really do use and love Clear Hair products.

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