How to Stop Taking Your Relationship For Granted

taking relationships for granted
Written by Gary

I’ve been in enough relationships to know that around the 3-year mark, you start to get a little fidgety. After spending a considerable amount of time with someone, it is natural to get used to him or her, and perhaps take him or her for granted. Left unchecked, this behavior can ultimately destroy a relationship, which would obviously suck balls. So just in case you are taking your partner for granted, here are six E’s that might just save your relationship.

taking relationships for granted

Expect nothing. If you don’t appreciate all the things your partner does for you, then he or she is likely to stop doing them. This causes fights. Instead of expecting that your lover will take out the trash, pay for dinner, or perform cunnilingus, you should consider asking them for these things. Then thank them when they perform. A little appreciation goes a long way in a long term relationship.

Express your love. Taking the time out of your day to tell or show your partner how you feel about them is absolutely essential to making an LTR function properly. The longer the relationship, the easier it is to forget small things like hugs, kisses, and early morning blowjobs. The more love you show, the more love you are going to feel. That’s just science.

Experience new things: Taking yourself out of your comfort zone is a great way to rediscover yourself, and in turn rediscover your partner. Its natural to fall into routines in your relationship, but shaking it up every now and again is the perfect way to replenish your feelings. It can be something as exciting as booking a last minute trip to the Bahamas, or as simple as suggesting an afternoon bike-ride or hike.

Explore your past. If your relationship is feeling stagnant, reminiscing about when you first met will surely light a fire under both of your crotches. Looking back on old mementos, photos, and things you saved from your first dates will remind you why you fell in love in the first place, and how much time you have invested in each other.

Escape each other. That age-old adage “absence makes the heart grow fonder” isn’t just something people say for their health. Have you ever noticed how much you miss your relationship when you go out of town? Try implementing that on a weekly basis in small doses. You can do something small, like ignore each other’s texts for a day or two, or go out for nights individually with your friends.  Sometimes a little distance is all you need to bring yourselves closer together.

Ecstasy. By ecstasy, I mean that you should experiment sexually. This could potentially involve the drug ecstasy, but I am neither implying nor condoning that even though it fits in with experiencing new things, and expressing your love (being in love is basically all you will talk about if you take X together). Being a little kinky in the bedroom is arguably the most exciting way to rejuvenate things in your relationship.

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