How to Prevent Hangnails

how to prevent hangnails
Written by Allison

How to prevent hangnails? What you drink truly matters.

As a nail enthusiast (check out my galaxy nails, or marble nails) hangnails are the bane of my existence. I am a reformed nail picker, but whenever a hangnail came around, all hell broke loose and I would end up a torn, bloody mess. But, with a little TLC, I have learned the key way to prevent hangnails. It’s a two part process.

Part One: Polish

How to Prevent Hangnails

These fingers haven’t seen a hangnail in well over a year. Consistent care at the get go was super annoying, but now that my hands are in better shape it’s less of a chore. That, and now I actually like a little hand massage so it’s all hunky dory around here.

This is a good chance to mention tip number one: always keep those nails painted. Always. Not into nail polish? Grab a realistic, semi-sheer nude shade and a matte top coat. Keeping your nails polished adds a layer of protection and helps to keep your nails from cracking/breaking. Nothing is worse than splitting a sliver of the side of your nail that turns into a giant spike hangnail. No thank you.

Part Two: Hydration

How to Prevent Hangnails

After polishing, hydration is key. It’s the most effective way to prevent hangnails. My favorite nail oil is jojoba oil. It’s similar in nature to the oil your skin naturally produces, so it soaks in nicely. I find that a daily dose of oil massaged into the cuticles is perfect. It keeps your cuticles and nails hydrated and less likely to split.

How to Prevent Hangnails

Hand cream is also a great option. You know those tiny samples of cream that collect in a drawer? Put one in every purse, coat pocket, and desk drawer. Having a bit of lotion on hand is never a bad thing. I use hand cream at least twice a day to keep these fingers soft and to (you guessed it!) prevent cracking or splitting. Cracked fingertips = hangnails galore.

How to Prevent Hangnails

If you’re going to be in a particularly drying environment like an airplane or the entirety of winter, you may want something more substantial. An all purpose balm like the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream is a perfect way to prevent hangnails. It’s thicker and doesn’t sink in very quickly, which is helpful in super dry conditions.

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