How to Master Vamp Stamp Eyeliner Easily

Written by Allison

You need to try the Vamp Stamp Eyeliner tool

I live for cat eyeliner and a red lip but I can’t exactly give myself a good twenty minutes a day to do liner. It’s matching those wings! Easily the hardest part of doing cat eyeliner, even for a practiced hand. Making your whole life so much easier is Vamp Stamp eyeliner. Instead of applying, removing, and reapplying your flick (on repeat, argh), you just stamp and move on with your day.

Perfect eyeliner coming your way.

The Vamp Stamp eyeliner tool comes with three different sizes for cat eye flicks of all sizes.

For day time I like the kitten flick! It’s enough to give your liner a little oomph, without going over the top for the office.

The Vamp Stamp eyeliner ink is a cushion style product. You take the stamp that you’re using and dab it into the inky sponge to pick up product.

Before applying your eyeliner it’s good to get a feel for how the product works. Press into the ink and stamp on the back of your hand to test her out. I find that with a fresh jar of ink it can be a little too inky and leave an uneven finish. You can get around this by stamping once on the back of your hand and using the rest of the ink for your actual liner look.

How To apply Vamp Stamp eyeliner

Start off with your more confident eye. We all have one! Line up the curved edge of the stamp with the outer corner of your eye.

Just press it in once trying not to wiggle around for the cleanest line.

The most complicated part is matching up the flick on the other side. For people with asymmetrical eye shapes you may have to work with a slightly different angle. For me, my left eye looks wonky if I line it up in the outer corner in the exact same way.

But placed slightly above the outer corner, they match angles perfectly!

Now it’s time to fill in the rest of your eyeliner. The Vamp Stamp eyeliner ink comes with an angled brush for you to apply the liner.

But I’ve never quite mastered the angled brush, so instead I just use a liquid liner with a brush I feel comfortable with.

Fill in the lash line to connect with your pre-inked flick.

If you need to clean up the line, now is the time! I use a tissue with a bit of micellar water to clean up my eyeliner. If I can’t quite get a clean line I place an angled eyeliner brush under the tissue to give a precise angle.

And that’s it! Repeat on the other side and your liner is perfect.

This whole process (while taking photos!) took me about five minutes.

You can buy your own Vamp Stamp here.

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