How to Master the 80s Blush Trend

80s blush
Written by Allison

The 80s blush trend is BACK.

As if we couldn’t get enough of going back in time, the 90s style revival has given way to the 80s. Before you start stocking up on shoulder pads, the best purple shampoos, and crunchy hair enhancers, let’s start small with a touch of 80s blush.

The 80s makeup look was very much more is more, so to make it a bit less garrish, we’re paring this look with mostly nude colors. Another modern improvement? All the bronzer. Starting with a little bit of a bronze glow helps to even out the heavy blush.

We’re also opting for a brighter, warmer toned color rather than the cool purple toned 80s blush. This bangin’ pop of color is the It Cosmetics Ombre Radiance Blush in Coral.

Placement-wize we’re going from the apples of the cheeks backwards. If you wanted a true 80s blush look you would start even further back, and place lower, under the cheekbones.

Starting the blush here allows us to update and modernize the look.

Apply the blush with a small, rounded blush brush up and back in a soft curve.

Make sure you really work it into the hair line, you know, for authenticity.

Then, because there is such a thing as too much blush, blend it out with a clean fluffy brush.

This then gives a more diffused look and keeps things out of the clown-realm.

80s blush in a 2018 world, who would have thought? But with a couple of updates it’s not only wearable, but super cute!

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