How to Get a 20 Inch Waist

20 inch waist
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How to get a 20 inch waist: This Venezuelan model wears a corset for 23 hours every day. 

20 inch waist

In case you aren’t aware, waist-training is a thing right now. People like Kim Kardashian have brought some mainstream attention to the phenomenon, and now more than ever women are trying to achieve an hourglass figure by torturing their internal organs and waist lines.

Aleira Avendano is one such person, and has been wearing a corset for 23 hours a day, for 6 years. She has also augmented her nose, boobs, and buttock with surgery and implants. The result is that she looks basically inhuman, although still really pretty. Doctors have warned Avendano that she could suffer from serious health complications, the least of which is the weakening of her spine and muscles, but Avendano is unconcerned with anything except her beauty.

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I love a good hour-glass figure as much as the next homo, but going to these lengths to achieve it seems kind of ridiculous. Is there even room in her body anymore for a penis?

20 inch waist

20 inch waist

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