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How to Drink More Water When You’re Way Too Busy

Written by Allison

Here’s how to drink more water when you’re just way too busy to focus on hydration

I’ve never understood why people hate (or say they hate) drinking water. Keeping hydrated is just good for you, all around. Dehydration, even mild dehydration, can make you foggy, fatigued, and lead to headaches, chronic dandruff, and even travel-related constipation. So, how to drink more water in your day to day life? We’ve got 13 tips to help get you hydrated.

1. Commit to it

Before we even start, you need to commit to drinking more water throughout your day. If you’re wishy washy about it, you’ll never incorporate it into your routine. Commit to increasing your water intake and stick to it!

2. Set goals

Some people find it easier to commit if they have a goal in mind. Find a goal that works for you! Maybe it’s drink 64 oz of water a day. Maybe that’s too much math and you’d rather commit to drinking four water bottles a day, or one pitcher of water a day. Find a metric that makes sense to judge how much water you’ve had.

3. Seltzer

One big complaint people have is that they hate the taste (or non-taste) of water. If that’s you, there are so many other options that are still water and calorie free. Hop aboard the seltzer train to get some flavor and bubbles into your water drinking routine. A giant pack of flavored seltzer is one of the best gifts for women in their 20s, if you ask me.

4. Infuse water

Not into the bubbles? Infuse your water with flavor instead. Pop in some fruit (frozen if you’re feeling sassy) and let the water take on the taste of your favorite fruit.

5. Find fun cups

I always tend to gravitate towards one or two cups for water. I love these large, insulated, mason jar style cups because they keep my water cold and they’re just plain fun. If you have a preference, buy a couple so you always have one clean.

6. Create routines

If you won’t just drink water throughout the day, make it part of a routine you always have. Like brushing your teeth! Before or after you brush, down a glass of water. Adding in little extra steps to a routine you already have isn’t too hard and will keep your water consumption up.

7. Ice cold water bottle

Invest in an insulated water bottle. I have this giant one that I keep by my desk and drink throughout the day. If you’re literally on the go opt for a smaller water bottle and commit to filling it up whenever you’ve finished the bottle. An insulated water bottle can keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold so there is no room for complaining that you don’t want to drink room temperature water.

8. Use straws

I always drink much more water when I use a straw. But, not wanting to use disposable straws day in and day out meant that I had to find a more permanent solution. You can buy a set of stainless steel drinking straws for less than $10 and have them for life!

9. Herbal tea

Herbal tea (unsweetened) is also a great choice for hydration. When the weather is cold I always turn to hot tea for my water intake. Choose a flavor you love (like this yummy rose berry rooibos) and keep the kettle on. I even drink spearmint tea to clear up my acne. It works. Tea is also one of the best foods for creativity.

10. Keep a pitcher

Everyone has their own thing that motivates them to drink more water. Mine is straws and fun cups, my fiancé’s is a full pitcher of water in the fridge. This pitcher is made with infusing in mind so you can pop in some lemon and cucumber wedges and feel like you’re drinking fancy spa water.

11. Water-monitoring apps

Need a little more of a nudge to keep your water consumption up? Install the Waterlogged app to set goals and reminders to make sure you’re clocking that H2O.

12. Water breaks

Bored at work? Take two minutes to grab a glass of water. No boss is going to bemoan a water break and you get a mini brain break at the same time.

13. Opt for spicy food

Lastly you can try upping your spicy food intake. For those of us a little more food motivated this is a great option. Have a spicy dish and only have water on hand, you’ll drink a few glasses in no time.

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