Hottie Alert: Joseph Gordon Levitt

Written by Ashley

JGL likes to go by “Joe” while he goes on “little weed-fests”

I don’t know if it’s the matter-of-fact smolder, his insistence on now going by ‘Joe’, his remorse for his stolen college laptop (he didn’t back up his files. I would be pissed too, Joe), or his mentioning that he hates tabloids,  loves to smoke pot and loves even more to go on “little weedfests”, but Joseph Gordon Levitt has turned in to a total dreamboat. That kind of  “Lets go out sometime, baby. How ’bout I pick you up after football practice on Friday night for a movie?” dreamboat that makes you wanna hang August’s cover of Details Mag all up in your locker.

Move over, Chace Crawford, there’s a new pothead stud in town.


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  • He’s SO dreamy. I’ve loved him ever since his 3rd Rock From the Sun days. He went under the radar there for a while (perhaps it was due to his “weedfests?), but I’m so glad he’s back! So hott.

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