Five Hot Doctors From Instagram

hot instagram doctors
Written by Gary

These hot doctors are enough to give you a serious temperature.

hot instagram doctors

I don’t know what it is, but does anyone else think that a guy wearing scrubs is one of the hottest things in the world? I don’t know if its that they spend all day saving lives, or that I could basically rip that thin cotton shell off with my bare hands, but something about doctor says this guy is both sexy and smart, so I should probably try to breed with him.

Basically, when a doctor is hot, that means that they are smart, determined, driven, hot, intellectual, hot, and probably caring. Also, is it just me or was the term ‘bedside manner’ probably coined to represent hot doctors at home? I dunno. Just a hunch.

These five hot doctors from Instagram are worth an invasive rectal exam or two, don’t you think? Also, we should all be thankful these guys exist because they went to about 4 million years of higher education– think of all the women and gay men they encouraged to stay in school during that time? Well played. AMERICAN HEROES.

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hot instagram doctors

hot instagram doctors

hot instragram doctors

hot instragram doctors

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