Hot Girl Mugshots Are a Thing

Written by Gary

Hot girl mugshots are a thing, because if you have to take a mugshot, make sure you look pretty.

hot girl mugshots

Arrested for drunk driving.

I’ve been arrested twice in my life, but I have never had to take a mugshot. I consider this a blessing because I’m not particularly photogenic, especially under harsh police fluorescent lights. Also, one of my favorite past times is making fun of my friend’s mugshots, (which are searchable online, if you didn’t know), and having one of my own would definitely take away from that. Total side note, if you find yourself bored of Netflix and chilling one night, make your way to a headshot search of all the people you went to kindergarten with. You likely will not be disappointed.

The girls in these photos won the mugshot game though, and somehow managed to look good even though they are likely about to have to listen to the life story of a transgender prostitute for the next 10 hours. So let this be a lesson to you, if you are going to get arrested, make sure you are wearing a full face of makeup, because those photos will be around forever, and ever, online and may potentially serve as great Match.com profile pics.

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hot girl mugshots

Selling ecstasy to a cop.

hot girl mugshots

Public intoxication AKA being white girl wasted AKA fun.

hot girl mugshots

Possessing narcotics.

hot girl mugshots

Being a total hooker.

hot girl mugshots

Beating up her boyfriend.

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