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High Maintenance Lashes

Written by Alaine

My stubborn little lashes are due to my heritage. Most mascaras (thankfully, I’ve found a few and have also learned over the many years how to have clump free lashes) end up smeared under my eyes by the end of the evening. The biggest break through in the beauty industry came last year. Lash conditioners, prescription lash lengthener, and non-prescription lash lengtheners have burst onto the scene.

I’ve been using a lash repair (Shu Uemura lash conditioner), the prescription lash lengthener (Latisse), and a non-prescription lash lengthener ( on an irregular basis. My lashes seem to be thankful for the extra irregular attention. (I should really be using them regularly for better results) I think there’s some growth in my lashes, and definitely strengthened the hair follicles because there’s less lash breakage.


The Lash Repair:

Shu Uemura’s Lash Repair is like a lash conditioner for my lashes. It can also be used as a primer to coat the lashes before mascara application without the white goopy mess. My real draw for this little tube is the fact that application is really easy with the mascara wand. On many days when I am running out the door to go to dance class, I slick this onto my lashes for soft shiny lashes without the consequence of a dark ring of mascara under my eyes after sweating for two hours. It doubles as a clear mascara for the lashes and brows. I haven’t put it on my brows yet but will probably do that soon because I don’t like to mess with my brows too much.

The verdict: Great for a low maintenance gal.

The Prescription:

Not too long ago, I won a prescription of Latisse from the wonderful folks at Park Avenue Aesthetics. The box came with non-reusable applicators for one-time use for each eye. Because of the side effects of the prescription, I was a little wary of using it every night. I chose to apply it before I went to bed because I didn’t want it to get into my eyes or irritate my contacts. The downside, its another step that I have to take before going to bed. I did feel like my lashes were growing because of it. Due to my irregularity in applications, its not very dramatic. I should be putting this on every night before bed time. It is a prescription product so you have to get a prescription from a certified medical professional.

The verdict: It works.

The Alternative:

I received a tube of’s Lash extend serum. I was excited to start using this alternative because it is paraben-free and didn’t have the side effects that Latisse has. I’ve been using this for a little under two weeks now and I can feel a change in my lashes already. The application is really simple and less of hassle than Latisse. I can even apply it while I have my contacts in. On their website, they have pictures of patients who have undergone chemotherapy.

The verdict: Safe for contact lens wearers and no paranoia of discolored eyes.

Disclosure: All products were provided for review. No monetary compensation was received for this review. All opinions belong to the author.

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