Five Amazing Hidden Pools

The only thing better than a cool, refreshing pool is a cool, refreshing pool that hides away.

hidden pools

This hydrofloor sinks into the ground and drains water to create a hidden pool.

I’m from Florida, which is basically the land of the swimming pool. Growing up, on hot summer days it was a really easy thing to call up one of my friends with a pool, and go over for a dip. Now that I live in New York, the only pool I have real access to is a community pool a few blocks away. I would definitely go if I wasn’t so afraid of amoebic dysentery and random Harlem baby floaters (turds). So needless to say, even though I consider my life pretty good, it would be better if I had constant access to a pool.

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The following pools are like any other pools, except that they are hidden. I am the kind of guy who loves the idea of a house full of secret passageways, so you can bet that when I make my riches, I will be investing in a hidden pool, tout de suite. Enjoy the photos, and let the jealousy commence.

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