Luxury Cabin Intel: A Hidden Swiss Gem

hidden luxury cabin
Written by Gary

A crumbling, 200-year-old exterior disguises a modern luxury cabin.

hidden luxury cabin
I have always had an affinity for things that disguise themselves as other things. In fact, my dream home is to create a fake castle like the ones you see at Disneyland that is extremely modern and luxurious inside.
This luxury cabin in Linescio, Switzerland is an excellent example of the ‘more than meets the eye’ aesthetic in architecture. On the outside it looks just like a rando old cabin in the woods, but on the inside it is completely renovated in concrete with a minimalist design.

This cabin is a dream getaway for the nature enthusiast who also demands life’s finest luxuries. Frankly, I don’t know who wouldn’t enjoy the woods more with proper porcelain to do number two on, and running showers, sinks, and morning espresso capabilities (obviously morning espresso leads to the need for porcelain, thus creating an infinite loop of luxury needs).

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Having a cabin in the woods is absolutely on my to-do list, so now I have to add ‘having a cabin in the woods with a modern interior’ as well.

hidden luxury cabin

hidden luxury cabin

hidden luxury cabin

hidden luxury cabin

hidden luxury cabin

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