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Hi, These Mommy and Me Floral Boots are Everything

Written by Bryce

Need the cutest Mommy and me floral boots? Got ’em.

I’m not the type to match all my outfits with my kids, but when I saw these Rebecca Minkoff Gerry Floral Combat Boots, I had to have them. I mean, non-negotiable levels of needing them, and I was pleased to find they were under $200, super comfy, and a fun artsy accent to most of my day-to-day ensembles.

Are you dying over these Mommy and me floral boots? I am.

Sure, they’re adorable and I wear them with everything from jeans to dresses, but what makes them even more adorable is that The Children’s Place Floral Print Roxi Boot is nearly identical, and under $20. Like, what? My daughter did not need these boots, but she needed them on what I can only consider a soul level.

If it’s your first time buying at Children’s Place, you can use this 25% off coupon, too. Shipping is free. You’re welcome.

And so we’re now the type of family to do the Mommy and me floral boots thing, because life is short and shoes can match — so why not?

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