Heidi Montag: WTF?!?!

Written by Emily

I’m not going to write this to personally slam her or about how I think pretty much every decision she has made is terrible.  I think all the publicity stunts she has done is thanks to her ever so loving husband, Spencer Pratt.  So I have to say to you both: WTF?!  TMZ.com just released some pretty disturbing pictures of what used to be Heidi Montag.  It’s no secret that her album Superficial (enough said) is out and I wonder if this is just a ploy for more sales. Take a look at the “remodeled” Heidi on the left versus the “old” Heidi.  No, it’s not from Madame Tussauds as my friend Jen asked.  It’s really, really, horribly real.

Photo from TMZ.com

Photo from TMZ.com

While on Good Morning America, Montag explained that shes not “addicted” to plastic surgery, merely just “obsessed.”  To those accusing the 23 year-old of being addicted she says “none of those people know me at all.”  I can’t help but wonder where husband Spencer was during her 10 hour procedure or deciding to undergo this kind of work.  Sure doctors were interviewed about the dangers of it, but I’m no doctor and I know that it’s probably no good(see also: Kanyes mother, Mrs. West).

It’s no question that pretty much anything either of these two do are directly invested in them prolonging their 15 minutes of fame(I have to just go on a limb and boldly say this expired 3 years ago). While I am no where NEAR a fan of either of these two (even though they both follow me on Twitter) I don’t wish this kind of mentality on anyone.  Heidi, if you ever read this, just stop.  While I am probably fueling your fire by writing about you in the first place, just stop.

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  • I think she is a little nuts she used to be so pretty! and now she looks like every other plastic person. she is only 23 why does she need so much plastic surgery!!

  • WTF? She is reminding me of the freakish changes Michael Jackson did. She was so much prettier before all this surgery. What a shame.

  • How horrible, she looks terrible now and I’m not saying that to be mean. I thought she was gorgeous to begin with, she was still very beautiful up until this last set of surgeries. Now OMG, she looks hideous and I bet she can’t go back and get it redone either. It’s forever…I just hope she stops now because she is going to end up looking like a freak like that woman that has had so many surgeries she looks like a freakish cat woman and not in a good way. How in the world is Spencer Okay with this? I mean she looked great before, He can’t honestley tell me he thinks she looks better now. Her face looks just plain strange, her face looks puffier, she just looks awful.

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