150-Foot Long Hedge Dragon

hedge dragon
Written by Gary

Creating a hedge dragon is a great way to transform a boring yard.

hedge dragon

Call me a homo, but I love topiaries. If I ever have a house of my own, I plan to sculpt every single bush, tree, and blade of grass into a fantastic creation, reminiscent of The Secret Garden, which I watched obsessively in my youth like every other obviously gay young boy. John Brooker, a retired fan maker from Norfolk shared this sentiment, and has spent the last 13 years transforming a boring hedge into a crazy looking hedge dragon.

As you probably know from popular culture, dragons are a thing. 70-year-old Mr. Brooker obviously didn’t know this when he started, but he attributes his idea to the days he spent in the army, touring Malaysia.

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The dragon now stands at 150-feet long, 20-feet high, and has six sets of legs. He spends 3 days every two weeks maintaining the shape, wobbling at the top of a 6-foot-tall ladder, and as I mentioned before, he is 70 years old. If that isn’t dedication to gardening, I don’t know what is. Luckily, he lives in England, so he never has to worry about dying of heat stroke, unless of course the dragon comes alive and learns how to breathe fire.

hedge dragon

hedge dragon

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