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Health Spotting: 5 Ways To Ward Off Flu Season

Written by Olga

The flu straight up sucks! Here are 5 tips to help you avoid getting sick that are as easy as taking a nap – literally.

Being sick has always sucked, but at least when you were a kid, you could stay home and watch old re-runs of “Kids In the Hall” on Comedy Central. Your mom would make you tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches and you could lounge about while falling in and out of sleep. Now you have to pump yourself full of DayQuil and cross your fingers you make it through the day in a zombie like state while coughing your lungs out. Flu season is rough, but here are 5 tips that’ll help you stay healthy so that you can kick ass all winter long.

1.Take your vitamins. You should be taking vitamins everyday, anyway, but during flu season, vitamins are of the utmost importance. Pick out a one-a-day at GNC that works for you. Make sure it’s packed full of vitamin C.

2. Start carrying breath mints. They won’t help you ward off the flew, but they will help you maintain your friendships when you start eating more garlic to ward off the flu. Garlic may make your breath stink, but it also contains many antibacterial properties. Looks like the flu doesn’t like stinky breath, either.

3. Get your rest. Studies have shown that your body needs some damn sleep. Everything in your system recharges in your sleep: nervous system, metabolism and immune system included. So call it an early night and schedule Sunday brunch for later in the day. They don’t start serving booze till after noon in most places, anyway.

4. Eat green stuff. Green leaves and vegetables contain so many great nutrients. Eat them raw or drink them in a smoothie. I’m a huge fan of kale.

5. Exercise more. Hitting the gym can not only make you look better, but it can also help you feel better. The benefits of regular exercise are immense, including boosting your immune system!

So now you have 5 easy ways to keep yourself healthy and flu-free in your back pocket. Although all 5 are easy, none of them are a substitute for getting a flu shot – and if you have insurance, you should definitely consider getting one. Also, don’t stand too close to visibly sick people on the subway.

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