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15 Health Benefits of Caffeine

Written by andy

Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee? Your coffee says a lot about you, but the fact that you drink it makes you like millions of other people that need a good cup of coffee to kick off their day.

You’ll find that caffeine offers some pretty amazing health benefits, provided you don’t overdo it with the coffee!

Health Benefits of Caffeine

  1. Increases memory — According to one study conducted in Japan, caffeine helps to improve your ability to remember things. Whether it’s taken in coffee form or in the form of a caffeine pill, just 200 mg of caffeine can help sharpen your memory.
  2. Detoxes liver — There’s a reason that caffeine enemas are so popular these days. They are incredibly effective at detoxing the liver, and you’ll find that they can help to flush your colon efficiently as well.
  3. Replace muscle energy — Tired after a long workout? Have a cup of coffee with your post-workout high-carb meal, and you’ll find that the caffeine will help your body replace burned muscle glycogen quickly.
  4. Helps you keep alert — If you are driving long distances, a cup of coffee is evidently better for you than a short nap. It will supposedly keep you alert and awake more effectively.
  5. Boosts stamina — Many bodybuilders will down a cup of coffee or take a caffeine pill before doing a workout when they need a boost. This is because caffeine stimulates blood flow in your body, and ensures that you have a lot more stamina for your workout.
  6. Reduce post workout pain — Sick and tired of having achy muscles after a tough gym session? A study conducted by the University of Georgia found that caffeine can help to reduce post-workout muscle aches by up to 48%.
  7. Can prevent skin cancer — A study done by Rutgers University discovered that caffeine was effective at preventing skin cancer in hairless mice. If science can find out just how it prevents it, there may be a human application in there somewhere.


  1. Lower suicide rate — According to a study published by the NIH, people that drink caffeine tend to have a lower suicide rate.
  2. Increased reproductive health — A study done by the ASRM found that men who regularly drink coffee have a higher volume of sperm, and there is far less fragmentation of sperm DNA than men that don’t drink coffee. Essentially, this means that there is a lower risk of birth defects as a result of defective sperm.
  3. Fight fatty liver — For those with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, drinking coffee and caffeine may be the way to deal with the health issue. A study done in Duke University found that caffeine stimulated the hepatic system of the mice that consumed it, helping their livers to function better.
  4. Reduce cancer risk  — According to a study published by the American Cancer Society, drinking regular coffee (with normal amounts of caffeine) can help to reduce your risk of throat and mouth cancer by as much as 50%.
  5. Improve heart health — Among those drinking caffeine, there was a decrease in hospitalization for heart rhythm disturbances. This means that those with arrhythmias and other heart beat irregularities can benefit from drinking coffee.
  6. Reduce diabetes — A number of sources cite that caffeine can help to reduce your risk of Type 2 Diabetes.
  7. Lower blood pressure — A French study found that regular coffee drinkers had lower blood pressure.
  8. Increase longevity – -According to a Greek study, drinking boiled coffee can extend your lifespan and increase heart health.




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