Headbands like Blairs

Written by Stephanie
Every time I watch Gossip Girl I always find myself saying “I love that headband!” Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) always seems to have the cutest headbands to match with every outfit. Now I was never really a headband type of girl but they have definitely evolved since I was in kindergarten. They have become more stylish than functional and I want to join the trend! So I went on a search to find out what type of headbands Blair wears on the show and I found a few that a few of them came from Jennifer Behr . The home page of the site even tells you which headbands Blair wore from certain episodes, it’s amazing! Here are a two she wore this season:
Silk Satin Headwrap, Blair wore this in pink in episode 2, “Never Been Marcused”

Double Rosette Headwrap, Blair wore this in cream in episode 1 “The Premiere”
These are only 2, Jennifer Behr has tons of very stylish headbands perfect for all occasions from everyday to bridal!

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