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Hangovers & The Monte Carlo Resort

Written by Jamie

What Happens In Vegas…

Confession: I love me some VEGAS.  I’ve been living in LA for about a year now (crazy, I know) and believe it or not, this is my first little road trip down to the desert since moving here.  Long overdue, when Nadine and I were invited to stay at the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino, naturally, we jumped at the chance.

Hungover as hell (totally honest here) from a wild girls’ night at Drais Hollywood, we drove to Nevada on an early Saturday afternoon and arrived around 6:30 at the Monte Carlo.  What did we need?  Food, for one, and a hotel that boasts the fact that they’re “unpretentiously luxurious,” because let’s be honest…you’re supposed to leave Vegas hung-over, not arrive hung-over.  We realized this about three hours into our drive.  I digress.  As soon as we got some food in our tummies, we were ready to pop bottles (champagne) in the private poolside cabana and eat some watermelon vodka shooters.

It boils down to this: If you’re planning a trip to Vegas with the girls, with your boy or whoever, the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino is a great spot.  It’s on the strip but not crazy expensive like some of the other hotels and they just opened HOTEL32, if you’re a real baller.  We’re talking super modern and first-class style service.

Wondering about the picture?  Yeah, me too.  That’s VEGAS, baby, Vegas.

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