Hairless Cats Living the Thug Life

hairless cats in wigs
Written by Gary

Hairless thug cats.

Somebody put wigs and beanies on these hairless cats because life is short and time is fleeting.

I know most people think hairless cats are totally ugly, and I can’t even argue. One day in the distant future I think I even might want a whole menagerie of these sphinx cats, because I plan to remain childless but hairless cats have babylike sensibilities without all the hassle of child rearing, diapers, and talking back. I want to train them how to do house chores for me, and at night I can send them out into the city to forage for riches and jewels. My dream is a mixture of genuine affection combined with a scene out of a more feline-focused version of Disney’s Aladdin.

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If you are having a bad day and need a laugh though, hopefully these hairless ‘thug life’ cats will make things a little bit better. If not, you’re just not down with the feline thug life version of a Disney movie I have mapped out in my head, and that’s on you, really.

hairless cats in wigs hairless cats in wigs hairless cats in wigs

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