Hair Care: The Perfect Bang to Wave Transition

Written by Ashley

Get tips from Oribe’s Rob Talty on how to perfect Florence Welch’s perfectly un-done look.

When I had heavy bangs, a la the look Florence Welch rocks on the red carpet, on stage & at the after-party, I was a miserable wreck trying to get the perfect transition between sexy-straight-ish bangs and un-done hipstery  curls. I mostly looked like I was on my way to the prom… oh woe is me. After a long while wondering, and the possibility of getting some bang action back for spring, I reached out to hair-care extraordinaire Rob Talty, Oribe Hair Care Stylist, to guide me through.

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Starting with wet hair, apply Oribe Crème for Style and a salt spray, and mix the products evenly through the hair. Use a diffuser on the end of a blow dryer (I prefer the T3 Evolution because it has high heat and low airflow), and scrunch hair upward to wake up natural texture. Carefully dry the hair, trying not to disturb the curl you’ve created. Tilting your head to each side will create more volume.

Once dry, spray hair with Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray while the head is turned upside-down. Generally, I dry bangs with my fingers to prevent them from becoming perfectly straight – a side-to-side motion will place them perfectly. If you have cowlicks, use a Mason Pearson brush, and follow with more Crème for Style to impart a little texture. You can add more natural movement at the ends of hair with the Nalu Waver from Rsession Tools, if needed. The results will look super-natural.

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